AlexanderXGrand AlexanderXGrand 25 July 2016

The Jacksfilms Quiz, the Jacksfilms Test

Hello, everyone!  

I have less than 30 full minutes (lol) on this quiz!

So here you go: 


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AlexanderXGrand AlexanderXGrand 25 July 2016

Donald Trump Song

I decided to my make my time and wrote a continuation to the Donald Trump song!

What would you if Trump became the President of the United States of America? 


Move to Canada

Move to Antarctica

Move to Australia

Move to the U.K! 

If Trump is President, 

Then I shall pray. Four years. 

Move to the Netherlands

Move to Greece

Or, I would move to Germany

But! If Trump is murdered, 

then I shall celebrate that America

hasn't earned more hate! And still is great! 

Move to Alaska, Move to Hawaii 

Move to Mars, or pray. 

Actually start trusting in God! 

I would kill Trump with a .37 gun in one shot! 

I frickin' hate Trump, that is no lie! 

I would move to Serbia, move to Venezuela

Move to Italy, move to Ukraine

Move to Poland, move to France...

I would move to th…

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