Klondike, Toy American Eskimo.

Klondike and Sundae are Jack and Erin's current dogs, both of which are Toy American Eskimo. In YGS #60, Jack claimed Klondike was three months old, so she was born in August of 2013, and in August 2020, she will be seven years old. Sundae is likely somewhere around 3 or 4 years old. Klondike makes regular appearances on Jacksfilms, appearing in JackAsk, GamerGod88, YIAY, Your Grammar Sucks and other.s

Sundae, Toy American Eskimo.

Sundae makes regular appearances on Jacksfilms as well, appearing in PMS, YIAY, Your Grammar Sucks, JackAsk, and others. She made her debut appearance in WINTER in 4 WORDS (YIAY #230), where fans tried to figure her out a name, but Jack revealed he already named her from the treat Sundae, similarly to how he named Klondike from the Klondike Bar.

They appear in an episode called "$10,000 DOG VS. $1 DOG"; where they are compared with one another in their comprehension of jacks

Chipwich, Toy American Eskimo

commands or skills such as fetching. In this episode, Klondike is shown as more alert and/or obedient.

At the end of YIAY 500, Jacksfilms announced that he has another puppy, whose name was revealed in YIAY 501.

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