"PMS" is a series created by Jack Douglass. The name is actually an acronym for "Parody, Music, Sketch". The series appears as a weekly Monday show in which Jack either uploads a parody, music video or a sketch. It originally intended to contain all 3 of them, but Jack decided for only one. It was first announced in November 2011, and the very first PMS was uploaded in March 2012.

Notes and Trivia

  • Until 2016, PMS was the longest series on Jack's channel, but following YIAY's dominance on the channel, it became the second-longest.
  • While this was the longest series created by Jack, it's rarely uploaded to his channel.
  • PMS episodes are approximately 6-7 minutes long, depending on plot of an episode, and also depending if it's a parody (max. 2-4 minutes long), music video (max. 3-5 minutes long) or a sketch (max. 4-6 minutes long).
  • The title is an obvious joking to the actual premenstrual syndrome, a condition that affects the physical and emotional symptoms of a woman, two weeks before her period (usually).
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