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Season 1?, Episode 1
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Air date March 7th, 2016
Written by Jack Douglass, Erik Hoffstad
Directed by Jack Douglass
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Top 10 Worst Flags in the World is video by Jacksfilms uploaded on March 7th, 2016. It is the first video created by the Top 10 Boys, a parody on the typical top 10 channel.


Jack Douglass and Erik Hoffstad, the duo known as the Top 10 Boys, show off the 10 worst flags ever created. It is acknowledged that this is an obvious parody, since two of these flags are actually beloved by Jacksfilms (Nepal and Abalama) and also as this a parody on the typical Top 10 Channel.


  1. Nepal - only flag that does not have a rectangular shape, if US state and other country region flags are not included.
  2. Greenland - although it sounds like it is an economical improvement and wonderful country, it is in fact a freezing tundra. Jack reverses the circle (called Pokémon ball by Erik into the Polish flag, without acknowledging, and then changes the color into complete green)
  3. Alaska - flag with stars similar to the United States' flag, criticized by Jack and Erik as being in space (due to)
  4. Antigua - flag with very odd design, Erik comments on how it looks like the typical Instagram account of a girl spreading her legs in front of the beach
  5. Colombia - flag with three stripes but not all three are with the same size
  6. Alabama - flag that is simply a giant cross on a white background
  7. Mauritania - flag with star and crescent (traditional Islamic symbols), but according to Jack, it looks like a Cyclops smiling at him
  8. Antarctica - flag that has the continent of Antarctica on it with a blue field in the background
  9. Union Jack - flag whose stripes do not directly go through and thus are not symmetrical, yet according to Jack, "Old Glory" (flag of the USA) is symmetrical, which, of course, it is not.
  10. Any flag that has words on it - flags that have words (usually names of the state) on them


Despite this video itself being a satirical top 10 list, not many people understood that it wasn't making fun of state flags, but rather of the typical drunk American idiot, as American stereotypes claim that Americans don't know much about the rest of the world.

In a Your Grammar Sucks video, Jack explains the true meaning of the video is a portrayal of the typical American drunk asshole and proceeds to read out poorly-written comments by Nepalese YouTube users and his Nepalese fans who were offended for their flag being criticized in the video.

In a rather ironic twist, Jack and Erik wanted to show themselves off as drunk American idiots who do not have much knowledge about the rest of the world yet the offended YouTube users were shown as the bigger idiots as they could not understand satire.

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